Sunday, March 20

Making Museums Moral Again - Holland Cotter

Activists outside the Louvre Museum, protesting its ties to oil companies during climate-policy negotiations in December in Paris.
"In the past, when people wondered how to live moral lives, they could look to the saints, or take their questions to church. Today, some of us might instead turn our attention to art and the institutions that house it. That’s what several dozen artists did, for a related but different reason, last December during the United Nations climate talks in Paris. One afternoon, in a week when crucial policy negotiations were underway, hundreds of environmental activists gathered outside the Louvre to protest the museum’s sponsorship ties to two of the world’s largest oil companies. Among the demonstrators were members of politically minded art collectives like Occupy Museums and Not an Alternative, from the United States, and Liberate Tate, from England. Carrying open black umbrellas that spelled out the phrase 'Fossil Free Culture,' most of them stayed in the plaza around the museum’s glass pyramid, singing and reading position statements. ..."
NY Times
NY Times - Museums: A Special Section