Monday, March 14

Julio Cortázar - Cronopios and Famas (1969)

"... [Julio] Cortázar shows a wide range of talents in these very different stories. He avoids the obvious didacticism of most such modern fable-literature, working with considerable more subtlety. The pieces also vary greatly in form and approach. The final section of the collection shares the title of the volume itself, Cronopios and Famas. It deals with the creatures (or human types, if one prefers) of the title -- as well as a third genus, esperanzas. Cortázar contrasts these three classes of being in numerous scenes and tales. ... Cortázar is always interesting stylistically, and Paul Blackburn's translation seems to capture most of the writing quite well. The translation (from 1969) holds up well, with few jarring dated anachronisms -- no small feat, given Cortázar's playful and experimental style."
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EPC: from Cronopios and Famas "The Instruction Manual"
Google: Cronopios and Famas, Julio Cortazar/Paul Blackburn
YouTube: Julio Cortázar Talks Cronopios and Famas - English Subtitles by Minifiction

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