Sunday, March 6

Feminism Against Capitalism

Italian women at a labor protest in the 1970s.
"Socialism and feminism have a long, and at times fraught, relationship. Socialists are often accused of overemphasizing class — of placing the structural divide between those who must work for a wage to survive and those who own the means of production at the center of every analysis. Even worse they ignore or underplay how central other factors — like sexism, racism, or homophobia — are in shaping hierarchies of power. Or they admit the importance of these negative norms and practices, but argue that they can be rooted out only after we get rid of capitalism. Meanwhile, socialists accuse mainstream feminists of focusing too much on individual rights rather than collective struggle and ignoring the structural divides between women. ..."
The Italian Women's Movement 1968-1978
Italian feminism, workerism and autonomy in the 1970s
W - Feminism in Italy