Sunday, March 27

Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit: A Bouquet for Flatbush - Paul Blackburn (1960)

"... Perhaps the first volume to present [Paul] Blackburn consistently in his most characteristic mode is his third one, Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit, published by LeRoi Jones’s Totem Press in 1960. Written in 1958 and 1959 after Blackburn’s return to New York and his separation from his wife, this small group of poems offers the poet’s gently ironic and sometimes mildly elegiac notations of city life. Blackburn alludes to the works of such poets as Yeats, Pound, Whitman, and Ferlinghetti, by direct quotation, by reference to their works, and by the poetic stances taken. ..."
Poetry Foundation
Horseman, Pass By
Slow Dreams of Pleasure

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