Thursday, February 25

The Individuals

"Hoboken in the early 80s as recalled through the mist by Glenn Morrow. What success the Individuals had I attribute to being the first young musician to walk through the door of a brand new club in Hoboken New Jersey in the summer of 1977. I was surprised that a corner bar near my apartment wanted to have live original rock music. Hoboken was a ghost town in those days, plagued by arson, crime and poverty, as was New York City. So called 'urban blight' was in full effect before the age of gentrification. I had moved there to be near NYU where I was finishing college, renting six rooms for $65 a month on the top floor of a railroad apartment building. The shot and beer joint called Maxwell’s originally catered to the factory workers at the Maxwell Coffee plant that was directly across the street from where I lived. ..."
Bar/None Records
The Individuals - Aquamarine E.P. (1981)
The Individuals - Fields/Aquamarine
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YouTube: Walk By Your House (live at Hurrahs)
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