Thursday, February 4

Mainlines, Blood Feasts, And Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader (2003)

"As one of the few music critics to register on the cultural radar, Lester Bangs left a formidable legacy when he died in 1982. He helped build up and tear down the rock canon. He helped romanticize and vilify the notion of rock-star attitude. He helped music fans search out new ways of listening. He also helped usher in ceaseless waves of bad writing by acolytes who glommed on to his diaristic gonzo style–'speedflight wordsperm bullshit,' he calls it in an early essay gathered in the Bangs anthology Mainlines, Blood Feasts, And Bad Taste – without recognizing that diaristic gonzo style should serve as a means more than an end. ..."
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