Saturday, February 27

Kenward Elmslie - Nite Soil (2000)

"Kenward Elmslie's way with words cuts a singular path through a polymath variety of forms. Jukebox hitlet sung by Nat King Cole. Ahead-of-their-time lingo works: The Champ, poem, City Junket, play. 'Balloons for Cartoons' by Joe Brainard is pureed anthropological tales of fantasy drinking establishments: 26 Bars. Quirky surreal poetry mosaics (Routine Disruptions) that prompted Michael Silverblatt, host of NPR's Book Worm program to finger Kenward as 'Hands down, my favorite contemporary poet.' Elmslie's verbal swath includes The Grass Harp (Broadway cult-fave musical) and annum 2000, Postcards on Parade, composed by Steven Taylor, a concept musical that deconstructs musicals. "
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