Tuesday, February 23

Island - Alistair MacLeod (2001)

"Alistair MacLeod's is the most compact of literary careers. Over the last 33 years he has published 16 short stories, initially in literary journals and subsequently gathered in two modest collections, 'The Lost Salt Gift of Blood' (1976) and 'As Birds Bring Forth the Sun' (1986). In 1999, he published his first novel, 'No Great Mischief.' All of MacLeod's fiction, short and long, deals with life in Nova Scotia -- New Scotland -- on the eastern Canadian seaboard. His particular region is Cape Breton Island. The people in his stories are miners, fishermen, loggers, crofters, their wives and offspring. Historically, MacLeod's people are poised on a cusp. Their ancestors as far as the seventh generation followed the same hard path: they hauled nets, quarried the earth, felled trees, plowed and grazed the ungrateful, winter-blasted soil. ..."
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