Friday, February 12

"I Shot the Sheriff" / "Stir It Up" - Bob Marley and the Wailers (1973)

Wikipedia - "''I Shot the Sheriff' is a song written by Bob Marley and released in 1973. ... The story is told from the point of view of a narrator who admits to having killed the local sheriff, and claims to be falsely accused of having killed the deputy sheriff. The narrator also claims to have acted in self-defense when the sheriff tried to shoot him. The song was first released in 1973 on The Wailers' album Burnin'. Marley explained his intention as follows: I want to say 'I shot the police' but the government would have made a fuss so I said 'I shot the sheriff' instead… but it's the same idea: justice. ..."
YouTube: I shot the sheriff (Live), Stir It Up
YouTube: I Shot The Sheriff, Stir It Up