Friday, February 19

Grand Central is filled with acorns and oak leaves

"Even when you’re rush through Grand Central Terminal, it’s impossible not to glance up and notice its breathtaking treasures, like the beautiful light fixtures, clocks, and painted or tiled ceilings. But there’s a decorative theme running through the station that’s a little more subtle and easy to miss: acorns and oak leaves. An acorn tops the iconic brass clock above the information booth. Marble garlands of oak leaves and acorns decorate the original 1913 water fountains. They’re also on the ceiling, chandeliers, and staircases. So what’s with all the harvest images? It’s a Vanderbilt thing. The Vanderbilt heirs financed the construction of the terminal, and the family crest is all about acorns and oaks leaves. ..."
Ephemeral New York

2010 December: Grand Central Terminal, 2014 February: The New York Transit Museum: Grand by Design