Monday, February 1

Downtown music

Wikipedia - "Downtown music is a subdivision of American music, closely related to experimental music. The scene the term describes began in 1960, when Yoko Ono—one of the Fluxus artists, at that time still seven years away from meeting John Lennon—opened her loft at 112 Chambers Street to be used as a performance space for a series curated by La Monte Young and Richard Maxfield. Prior to this, most classical music performances in New York City occurred 'uptown' around the areas that the Juilliard School at Lincoln Center and Columbia University would soon occupy. Ono's gesture led to a new performance tradition of informal performances in nontraditional venues such as lofts and converted industrial spaces, involving music much more experimental than that of the more conventional modern classical series Uptown. ..."
Part I: New Music Downtown, 1971-87
NY Times: Where Are America's Young Composers?
[PDF] Pluralism, Minor Deviations, and Radical Change. The Challenge to Experimental Music in Downtown New York, 1971