Monday, February 15

Denécheau Jâse Musette - Amour Java (2016)

"You can find here track previews from artist Denécheau Jâse Musette new album Amour Java, released 15.01.2016 and containing 16 tracks. Listening online to Denécheau Jâse Musette - Amour Java track previews is free and does not require registration. If other releases and albums by Denécheau Jâse Musette, are available here, those previews can also be listened to free online. Additionally, you can subscribe to all new albums by Denécheau Jâse Musette and thus not miss a release."
YouTube: Jâse Musette (Live), Il est trop tard, Jâse Musette
YouTube: Amour Java, Java d'un soir, La novaraise, Valse parisienne, Get Out Under the Moon / Viens sur mon épaule, Ah ! Les papouilles javanaises