Sunday, February 14

Awakening the Bowery’s Ghosts

Over 700 artifacts were collected from the construction site at 50 Bowery in Lower Manhattan.
"One afternoon in October 2013, as work at a construction site in Chinatown was winding down for the day, an amateur historian known for his renegade research tactics, Adam Woodward, slipped through an open gate wearing a suit and tie. After nosing around in the pit, which was to accommodate the foundation for a 22-story luxury hotel, he sounded the alarm, a Paul Revere of the Bowery. ... The photos he later posted of ax-hewn joists, twisted metal and crumbling bricks electrified the conservation community. If his suspicions were correct, Mr. Woodward had discovered the remains of the Bull’s Head Tavern, where Gen. George Washington assembled with his troops on Evacuation Day in 1783, when British troops left Manhattan. ..."
NY Times