Friday, February 5

An Anna Blume - Kurt Schwitters (1919)

The Cathedral: 8 lithographs by Kurt Schwitters. 1920 (Die Silbergäule 41-42) lithograph and collage.
Wikipedia - "An Anna Blume ('To Anna Flower' also translated as 'To Eve Blossom') is a poem written by the German artist Kurt Schwitters in 1919. It has been described as a parody of a love poem, an emblem of the chaos and madness of the era, and as a harbinger of a new poetic language. Originally published in Herwarth Walden's Der Sturm magazine in August 1919, the poem made Schwitters famous almost overnight. The poem was parodied in newspapers and magazines, and strongly polarized public opinion. Whilst Schwitters was never an official member of Berlin Dada, he was closely linked to many members of the group, in particular Raoul Hausmann and Hans Arp, and the poem is written in a dadaist style, using multiple perspectives, fragments of found text, and absurdist elements to mirror the fragmentation of the narrator's emotional state in the throes of love, or of Germany's political, military and economic collapse after the First World War. ..."
Colin Morton: The Merzbook: Kurt Schwitters Poems

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