Wednesday, January 13

Truman Capote’s Brooklyn Heights: A Personal MemoirBrooklyn: Never-Before-Seen Pictures of Truman Capote, Taken by David Attie

"Truman Capote effectively launched my father’s career. Which is something I learned five months ago, decades after my father’s death. If that seems odd to you, well, it’s odd to me, too. The road to this book has been filled with strange accidents, surprising discoveries, and incredible good fortune. And, oh yeah, the brilliant work of David Attie. At this point you’re probably wondering: Who the hell was David Attie? My father was a steadily working commercial photographer for about 25 years. He was a student and protégé of the famed art director Alexey Brodovitch—who had similarly mentored the careers of Richard Avedon and Irving Penn—and his work appeared on magazine covers, book jackets, even subway posters throughout my childhood. He had gallery shows, published a beautiful book of photographs he took in the Soviet Union, and landed prints in the National Portrait Gallery. ..."
Vanity Fair
Lost Photographs Uncovered of Truman Capote's Brooklyn - 10 Photos
W - Brooklyn Heights: A Personal Memoir