Tuesday, January 5

JUDSON AT 50: Robert Morris

Simone Forti, Platforms, 1961. Performance view, Loeb Student Center, New York University, 1961. Foreground: Robert Rauschenberg.
"... Looking back half a century to the days of Judson Dance, it is difficult not to historicize a little. After all, the work that emerged from that time and place did not come out of nothing. In the larger sense it continued the project launched half a century before, when Marcel Duchamp christened that hulking hull of modernism with the fizzy champagne bottle of the readymade. John Cage’s subsequent explorations of chance and indeterminacy were well known by the early 1960s. The awe of 4'33" was part of the conversation. But perhaps the more significant precedent for the new dance seen at Judson was the work of Simone Forti. As part of a series of performances and events organized by La Monte Young at a loft on Chambers Street in 1961, Forti presented an evening of radical dance works that attacked the notion of dance as a format that required the trained body of the dancer. ..."
MoMA - Performance 2: Simone Forti. March 7–8, 2009
[PDF] The Minimal Presence of Simone Forti
W - Simone Forti
Where Sculpture and Dance Meet: Minimalism from 1961 to 1979
vimeo: ± I96I Simone Forti@Reina Sofia