Tuesday, January 19

How it's Made: Millais

"In the second of our series on artists’ techniques and processes, Susan Breen explains how the paintings conservation team breathed new life in to The North-West Passage by John Everett Millais. The work can currently be seen on display in Artist and Empire — a major new exhibition exploring the legacies and consequences of Empire. Completed in 1874, The North-West Passage was one of the most popular works of its time; a number of high profile Arctic explorations took place during the 19th century, and through the depiction of the aged mariner, sitting defiantly at his table surrounded by maps, charts and flags, and of his daughter, reading through past log books, Millais wanted to convey and inspire patriotic sentiment. Henry Tate bought the painting in 1888, and if formed part of the original Henry Tate bequest, entering the national collection in 1894. ..."
W - John Everett Millais

2015 December: Artist and Empire