Thursday, January 21

A Corner of Europe Frozen in Time

When he was eighteen, Viktor left his home town of Jakubiskes to join the Soviet Army. Later, he moved to Vilnius but returns to Jakubiskes each summer to tend to his parents’ house. Jakubiskes, Lithuania, 2015.
"About an hour’s drive south of Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius, the country’s narrow panhandle, locally known as the 'appendix,' starts to push into the countryside of neighboring Belarus. The joke in Lithuania is that, while drawing the borders of the region, Stalin set his pipe down on the map—no one was brave enough to move it, so improbable borders were drawn around its perimeter. ... With its scattering of tumbledown villages, many of whose residents speak a mix of Polish and Belarusian, the region lives according to its own rhythms. The German-American photographer Jasper Bastian captures this peculiar state of isolation in his series 'A Road Not Taken,' which he shot during several visits to Dieveniškės last year. ..."
New Yorker