Friday, December 11

Why Black Man Dey Suffer - Fela Kuti (1971)

"Pioneering musician, activist, and bandleader Fela Kuti is the first word in Afro-beat, making such strides in the genre over the course of his career that his contributions are foundational and nothing less than legendary. Why Black Man Dey Suffer is a relatively early chapter in the Fela discography, originally recorded in 1971. Put to tape with early band Africa 70 and Cream drummer/Afro-beat enthusiast Ginger Baker on board as well, the record is made up of two extensive, repetitive, and loping pieces. The rhythmic title track is a blueprint of early Afro-beat and 'Ikoyi Mentality Versus Mushin Mentality' is a deep groove of burning horns and fearless percussion."
W - Why Black Man Dey Suffer
Why Black Man Dey Suffer (1971) (Video)
YouTube: Why Black Man Dey Suffer, Ikoyi Mentality Versus Mushin Mentality