Tuesday, December 22

Up in the Old Hotel - Joseph Mitchell (1992)

"The publication of his book Up in the Old Hotel in 1992 ended Joseph Mitchell’s 28-year silence. Strictly speaking, though, Mitchell didn’t break his silence as much as he reopened a long-closed door and then shut it again. Up in the Old Hotel contains no new writing; it is a collection of four of Mitchell’s five previously published books—McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon (1943); Old Mr. Flood (1948); The Bottom of the Harbor (1960); and Joe Gould’s Secret (1965). All of the pieces originally appeared in The New Yorker, where Mitchell has worked for more than 50 years. ..."
The Grammar of Hard Facts: Joseph Mitchell’s Up In the Old Hotel
Guardian - Joseph Mitchell: mysterious chronicler of the margins of New York
Up in the old hotel (1952)
The Mohawks in High Steel (1949)
[PDF] Up in the old hotel

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