Wednesday, December 2

The County: the story of America's deadliest police

Sgt Brian Holcombe is a 10-year veteran of Bakersfield Police Department and has patrolled higher-crime sectors on the east side for most of his career.
"Seventy-five years after Kern County’s leaders banned The Grapes of Wrath from their schools and libraries, complaining that John Steinbeck’s new book portrayed their policemen as 'divested of sympathy or human decency or understanding', officer Aaron Stringer placed his hands on the body of James De La Rosa without permission. De La Rosa had just been shot dead by police officers in Bakersfield, the biggest city in this central California county, after crashing his car when they tried to pull him over. He was unarmed. Now the 22-year-old oilfield worker lay on a gurney in the successor to the coroner’s office where Tom Joad’s granma awaited a pauper’s funeral in the 1939 novel."Guardian (Video), The County: where deputies dole out rough justice (Video)
Guardian: The Counted