Friday, December 11

New York Rocker

"In the spring of 1975, more than a year before the release of the Ramones' debut album, Alan Betrock founded the magazine New York Rocker. In doing so, he changed American popular culture forever. The Queens native was already a leading collector and discographer of '60s rock, and the past publisher of the mimeographed fanzine Jamz and the collector-oriented The Rock Marketplace. But New York Rocker was the visionary move, the product of Betrock's realization that the music rising from a run-down Bowery bar deserved its own magazine—one with its own style of photography and graphic design, one that would blend a fan's enthusiasm with an educated critical eye. Through the pages of New York Rocker, Alan Betrock defined the new rock and roll. His covers made stars of Patti Smith, Blondie, Television, and Talking Heads before they'd even crossed the Hudson. ..."
Perfect Sound Forever: New York Rocker
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