Thursday, December 31

Kid Thomas (20 June 1934 - 5 April 1970)

"Louis Thomas Watts, commonly known as Kid Thomas (20 June 1934 - 5 April 1970) was an American musician, who created music in the rock, rock & roll and blues genres. Kid Thomas was born in Sturgis, Mississippi. As a child he moved to Chicago, Illinois and learned the harmonica. While he later switched to rock and roll, he initially played blues. By the early 1950s, he played regularly with Muddy Waters, Elmore James and Bo Diddley, and as a solo performer. In 1955 he recorded his first single, 'Wolf Pack', for Federal Records. However, it was not successful, and other recordings he made for Federal went unissued for many years. ... The record has been described as 'one of the wildest rock'n'roll discs of all time with Kid Thomas blowing his harmonica and shouting out the lyrics in a frantic frenzy.' ..."
YouTube: Rockin' this Joint Tonight, The Wolf Pack, You Heard What I Said, Wail Baby Wail