Wednesday, December 9

John Baldessari - Concrete Couples (2015)

Concrete Couples, 2015
"Concrete Couples marks the artist’s sixth project in his two decade partnership with the Mixografia Workshop. In this new series Baldessari continues his ongoing exploration into the visual language of contemporary American culture. Concrete Couples draws inspiration from the iconic sidewalk outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where countless celebrities have preserved their handprints, footprints and signatures along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In his rendition, Baldessari has created nine panels of what appear to be sections of sidewalk, into which he has carefully composed and etched the names of famous couples from throughout history and fiction. These drawings follow the archetype of teenagers chronicling their love by scratching their names into wet concrete, poking fun at some of history’s most notorious couples. ..."
Art Miami Fair

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