Monday, December 21

Joe Hill Louis

"Joe Hill Louis (September 23, 1921 – August 5, 1957), born Lester Hill, was an American singer, guitarist, harmonica player and one-man band. He is significant, along with fellow Memphis bluesman Doctor Ross, as one of only a small number of one-man blues bands to have recorded commercially in the 1950s, and as a session musician for Sun Records. ... His most notable electric blues single 'Boogie in the Park' (recorded July 1950 and released August 1950) featured Louis performing 'one of the loudest, most overdriven, and distorted guitar stomps ever recorded' while playing on a rudimentary drum kit at the same time. It was the only record ever released on Sam Phillips' early Phillips label before founding Sun Records. Louis' electric guitar work is also considered a distant ancestor of heavy metal music. ..."
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