Wednesday, November 18

Winter on Fire (2015)

"It's blood in the streets in this arresting and immediate documentary portrait of the Maidan protests in Kiev that, in the winter of 2014, forced Viktor Yanukovych, then president of the Ukraine, to flee to Russia. Yanukovych had once before been booted from the presidency — in 2004, the Ukrainian supreme court determined that his recent election had been fraudulent. This time it was months of protests in the capital that sent him packing, but only after his Berkut security forces assaulted the citizenry with stun grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets, ultimately killing 125 people. The uprising of thousands at first targeted Yanukovych for his refusal to follow through on plans to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union, but the crackdown of his troops inspired such outrage that the crowds swelled. ..."
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