Monday, November 16

Three Historic Performances at Paris’ Le Bataclan: The Velvet Underground (1972), Genesis with Peter Gabriel (1973) & Jeff Buckley (1995)

1972: John Cale, Lou Reed and Nico
"After every terrible tragedy in the West, we expect celebrities to weigh in. And they do, with comments insightful and heartfelt, appalling and boorish, perfunctory and banal. Often, the larger the public profile, the more self-serving the soundbite. One take in particular has provoked sneers and ridicule: Bono—who paid respects with his band at music venue Le Bataclantold an interviewer, 'this is the first direct hit on music we’ve had in this so-called War on Terror.' ... One can understand the sentiment, without excusing the verbiage. Le Bataclan—scene of what has rightly been called a 'bloodbath'—has occupied a significant place in pop music history since it started booking rock bands in the 1970s; and it has hosted famous musicians and singers—like Edith Piaf—since its opening in 1864. ..."
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