Saturday, November 14

The Masses,1911 - 1917

June 1914 cover of The Masses depicting the Ludlow Massacre
"The Masses was a graphically innovative magazine of socialist politics published monthly in the United States from 1911 until 1917, when federal prosecutors brought charges against its editors for conspiring to obstruct conscription. It was succeeded by The Liberator and then later The New Masses. It published reportage, fiction, poetry and art by the leading radicals of the time such as Max Eastman, John Reed, Dorothy Day, and Floyd Dell. ... their magazine. ... It was more open to Progressive Era reforms, like women's suffrage, than Emma Goldman's anarchist Mother Earth. At the same time it fiercely criticized more mainstream leftist publications like The New Republic for insufficient radicalism. After Eastman assumed leadership, and especially after August 1914, the magazine’s denouncements of the war were frequent and fierce. ... "
Modernist Journals Project
A Short History of THE MASSES