Wednesday, November 4

The Clash of Italian Neorealism and Classical Hollywood

"'What is neorealism?' asks the filmmaker kogonada in this excellent video essay, created for the May 2013 issue of Sight & Sound magazine. He examines two 1952 films that resulted from the collaboration of Vittorio De Sica, a master of Italian neorealism, and David O. Selznick, the Hollywood producer behind Gone With The Wind. It's the same movie material, created in two different styles. He explores De Sica's lingering shots that are archetypal of neorealism and juxtaposes them with Selznick's cuts of the same scenes, where the in-between moments are seen as gratuitous or distracting. 'A cut reveals what matters and what doesn’t. To examine the cuts of a filmmaker is to uncover an approach to cinema,' kogonada says. ..."
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