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Pina Bausch: Video

One Day Pina Asked... - Chantal Akerman (1983)

Die Klage der Kaiserin (1990) aka The Complaint of an Empress
"This first film by choreographer Pina Bausch reflects her method of working as developed with the Wuppertal Theatre of Dance during the 1973/74 season. The film does not tell a story, but is made up of various scenes put together as a collage with scenes set in different locations, such as the woods and fields around Wuppertal, the city centre, the suspension railway, a carpet shop, a greenhouse and the rehearsal room. The futility of human activity and the search for love make up the film's central theme set against the strains of a Silician funeral march. Filmed on location in Wuppertal, Germany, between October 1987 and April 1989. ..."
Die Klage der Kaiserin (1990) aka The Complaint of an Empress

Pina Bausch - (documentary by Anne Linsel, 2006)
"Directed by Anne Linsel, Germany, 2006; 44m. Before choreographer Pina Bausch and her Tanz-theater Wuppertal were known around the world, her new, unusual and original body language was ill-received. In the early days the audience (and most critics) were irritated and confused. Tumultuous scenes in the audience were not unusual. Pina Bausch speaks about the beginnings of the Tanztheater and the inescapable path she felt she had to follow. She talks about rehearsals, her pieces (more than 30 by now), her co-productionswith other cities and countries and being on tour. Some of her dancers, the set designer Peter Pabst and the costume designer Marion Cito, all of whom have been with Pina Bausch for decades, talk about working with her. Shot in Venice at the Teatro Fenice, in Lisbon and Brussels, and in Wuppertal with the support of WDR Cologne, and Arte France."
Pina Bausch - (documentary by Anne Linsel, 2006)

One Day Pina Asked... - Chantal Akerman (1983)
"A fortuitous encounter between two icons of film and dance, Chantal Akerman and Pina Bausch, One Day Pina Asked... is Akerman’s singular look at the work of the remarkable choreographer and her Wuppertal Tanztheater during a five-week European tour. More than a conventional documentary, Akerman’s film is a journey through her world, composed of striking images and personal memories transformed. Capturing the company’s rehearsals and assembling performance excerpts from signature works such as Komm Tanz Mit Mir (Come Dance with Me, 1977) and Nelken (Carnations, 1982), the director applies her unique visual skills to bring us close to her enigmatic subject."
Film Society of Lincoln Center
YouTube: "One Day Pina Asked..." (1983) Clip, Nelken, excerpt: The Man I Love, In Un jour Pina a demandé, komm tanz mit mir

"Coffee with Pina"
"Lee Yanor first met with the choreographer Pina Bausch in Paris in 1993. They have had an ongoing dialogue for 12 years, which resulted in the film 'Coffee with Pina': a 50 minutes documentary on Pina Bausch`s universe. Filmed in Paris in 2002 and in Wuppertal (Germany) in 2005, hometown of Pina Bausch and her company, the film links different elements in order to convey a choreography of state of mind."
Art Action
YouTube: Coffee with Pina - Lee Yanor, 2, 3, 4

Lissabon Wuppertal Lisboa - Pina Bausch
"A making-of of Pina Bausch's ballet piece 'Masurca Fogo' (1998), for the EXPO 98, from the first workshop in Lisbon until the avant premiere in Wuppertal, Pina Bausch's city, all moments dated on screen. The ballet master presides behind her work desk to the creation of steps by different dancers, as varied a mix as the African, Latin American, Fado and jazz music to which they swirl, representing the spirit of that world event. Not by chance, the camera shows prominently a photo-book on the gypsies close to Pina's ashtray."
Masurca Fogo
YouTube: Lissabon Wuppertal Lisboa

Dancing Dreams: Teenagers Perform (2010)
"Pina Bausch was a celebrated and innovative choreographer who became one of the leading figures of modern dance in Germany. Bausch said she believed a piece would change when performed by different dancers even with the same choreography, and as if to demonstrate this, several years after staging her 1978 ballet 'Kontaktof' (aka 'Contact Zone') with a cast of senior citizens, she took the casting in the other direction and employed forty youngsters between fourteen and eighteen years of age, mostly amateurs recruited from schools in Wuppertal. ..."
NY Times
YouTube: Documentary about Pina Bausch, Trailer
YouTube: Dancing Dreams: Teenagers Perform 1:29:16