Monday, November 23

k. leimer - music for land and water (1983)

"these pieces were produced in 1983 for an ensemble of five closed-loop tape players. each player ran a different duration loop as part of a month-long gallery installation. it was later 'performed' in seattle at seward park's open air amphitheater. the setting proved ideal in allowing listeners to experience the work from the stage to the shoreline to points approaching silence out along the heavily wooded trails. like much of my work, music for land and water is systems-based,seeking self-determined outcomes that usually manifest a limited and artificial approximation of theme and variation. as max shaefer has written: 'leimer posits an apparently selfless art concerned with the purity of physical acoustic phenomenon, undisturbed by any manner of distortion or empty space...' clearly derivative of techniques pioneered in pieces such as eno's music for airports and perfected by recent works such as robert henke's indigo transform, music for land and water marks a point of persistent musical dilettantism along the endless search for aesthetically significant self-regulating systems." - k. leimer
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2010 September: K. Leimer, 2014 June: K. Leimer by Alexis Georgopoulos