Wednesday, November 11

Deloris Ealy & The Roadrunners Band

"This 45 captured my attention not only for its extended title, but also for its fetching ebay price of nearly $1,000. 'Deloris is Back (To Blow Your Mind) with Jerome and His Band' has one of the funkiest, most primal drum grooves on vinyl. That's an even more impressive feat if you're to believe Deloris when she wails that her drummer is only thirteen years old! It's three minutes of simple reel-to-reel recording technology, but therein lies the charm behind the most expensive mp3 file in my collection. Enjoy!"
Deloris Is Back With Jerome & His Band- Deloris Ealy
YouTube: It's About Time I Made A Change, Honeydripper, In Your Town, How I Wish You Were Mine, Traveler In Space, Kenyatta's In Your Town