Thursday, November 12

A Political History of Hip-Hop: South Bronx to the Arab Spring Exhibition at IMA

"With American hip-hop dominating the radio and record sales, many would be surprised to know that France is the second biggest (behind the USA) consumer and producer of hip-hop music in the world. In a unique new exhibition covering political, cultural and musical themes, the Institut au Monde Arabe in Paris have traced the multicultural genealogy of hip-hop from old school rap of New York’s South Bronx to the streets of the recent Arab Spring via France in ‘HIP-HOP, du Bronx aux rues arabes‘. With hip-hop music now a global phenomenon with incredible commercial power and influence, it’s hard to imagine that just a few decades ago it emerged on the margins of American society. ..."
LOPA Magazine
Time Out Paris
YouTube: What Ever Happened to Hip Hop (Documentary) 54:44, From Mambo to Hip-Hop: A South Bronx Tale 56:06, What is Beef? Hip-Hop/Rap (Documentary) 1:42:55

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