Thursday, October 1

Tom Verlaine (1979)

"Tom Verlaine scores a solid winner on his first solo release. Not surprisingly, many of the songs here suggest the music of Television, his former band, especially in the use of vibrant and full guitar textures and frequent solo break sections in which to feature them. Verlaine's fey vocals surprisingly do not detract from the gutsiness of these numbers. Several of the songs here utilize hooky initial guitar riffs in the tradition of 1960s bands like the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, and the Beatles, most notably on 'Flash Lightning,' 'Kingdom Come,' and especially 'Grip of Love.' ... This is a top-notch solo debut that bears repeated listenings."
W - Tom Verlaine
How Tom Verlaine is creating new waves
YouTube: The Grip of Love, Souvenir from a dream, Kingdom come, Breakin' in My Heart, Last Night, Red Leaves, Mr.Bingo, Yonki Time

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