Tuesday, October 27

Soldier-Talk - The Red Crayola (1979)

Wikipedia - "Soldier-Talk is the third studio album by American experimental rock band The Red Crayola. It was released in 1979 by record label Radadr. By this time, Thompson had moved the project to London and expanded the band for this album to include Lora Logic of X-Ray Spex and Essential Logic and all the members of Pere Ubu. ... Since the release of God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It, Steve Cunningham had left the project to pursue his own musical ambitions and had been replaced by Jesse Chamberlain. In 1978, this incarnation of the band was touring regularly and had been signed to Radar Records. Despite the presence of Pere Ubu, the music is a close continuation of the sound previously established by The Red Crayola. Soldier-Talk was conceived as a concept album dealing with the issues of militarism and Soviet communism. Chamberlain wanted to veer the music towards a more pop-oriented direction while Thompson opted to keep the sound experimental. ..."
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YouTube: The Red Crayola - Soldier-Talk (Full Album)