Saturday, October 3

Richard & Linda Thompson - Rafferty's Folly (1980)

"The Thompsons were without a record contract in 1980, when Gerry Rafferty offered to finance an album for them with his 'Baker Street' producer Hugh Murphy. The sessions yielded 10 tracks – and Richard rejected them all. Eighteen months later, though, he and Linda re-recorded six of the 10 songs with producer Joe Boyd as Shoot Out The Lights. Rafferty’s Folly, then, offers an alternative version of what became the couple’s final album. It’s more polished, with more instrumentation – keyboards, Moogs, accordion, simulated strings – compared to the stark Shoot Out The Lights. Other surprises include 'Wall Of Death' and 'Don’t Renege On Our Love' with Linda on vocals, as well as a beautiful version of Sandy Denny’s 'I’m A Dreamer' (later included on Linda’s 1986 comp, Dreams Fly Away). Both Thompsons have since relaxed their attitude to the Rafferty sessions – Linda has admitted she prefers some of her vocals here. But it wasn’t bundled in with last year’s deluxe edition of Shoot Out…, and for now, it exists only in boot form, including this and Before Joe Could Pull The Trigger, which throws in demos from ’80-’82."
Willards Wormholes (Video)
YouTube: For Shame of Doing Wrong (Rafferty's Folly)

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