Saturday, October 3

Post-Scarcity Anarchism - Murray Bookchin (1971)

Wikipedia - "Post-Scarcity Anarchism is a collection of essays by Murray Bookchin, first published in 1971 by Ramparts Press. Bookchin outlines the possible form anarchism might take under conditions of post-scarcity. One of Bookchin's major works, its author's radical thesis provoked controversy for being utopian in its faith in the liberatory potential of technology. Bookchin's 'post-scarcity anarchism' is an economic system based on social ecology, libertarian municipalism, and an abundance of fundamental resources. Bookchin argues that post-industrial societies have the potential to be developed into post-scarcity societies, and can thus imagine 'the fulfillment of the social and cultural potentialities latent in a technology of abundance'. ..."
From Post Scarcity Anarchism, 1971: Listen, Marxist! by Murray Bookchin
[PDF] Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Murray Bookchin: social anarchism, ecology and education
Institute for Social Ecology: The Communalist Project by Murray Bookchin | September 1st, 2002

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