Sunday, October 11

Places, Strange and Quiet - Wim Wenders

"It was while shooting his breakthrough 1984 film Paris, Texas that landmark German director Wim Wenders first felt compelled to take up photography; 27 years later, a penchant for documenting his films’ environs has fostered a canon of sparse panoramic landscapes captured on location at such far-flung locales as Brazil, Italy, Japan, Australia and Germany. Next month’s exhibition at London's Haunch of Venison Gallery, Places, Strange and Quiet, presents 40 of Wenders’s large-scale images spanning from 1983 to 2011, which we preview in the slideshow above. The product of an artistic method the filmmaker sums up as 'turning left at junctions where others turn right,' the collection features everything from a set of polka-dotted sun loungers in Palermo to a washed out seascape in Japanese island town Naoshima––all happened upon by chance, and each imbued with a feeling of profound solitude."
Guardian: Wim Wenders: Places, Strange And Quiet – in pictures
YouTube: Places, Strange and Quiet

2009 November: Wings of Desire (1987), 2010 April: New German Cinema, 2010 November: The American Friend (1977), 2012 March: Paris, Texas (1984)