Sunday, October 25

Pat Place

Wikipedia - "Pat Place (born 1953 in Chicago) is an artist, photographer and musician noted for her work in the no wave bands James Chance and the Contortions and Bush Tetras. Place graduated with a BFA in painting and sculpture at Northern Illinois University. She came to New York City in 1975 and exhibited her art in various galleries from 1977 to 1984. Place’s photography has recently been shown at the 'No Wave, Post Punk, Underground New York 1976-80' exhibition curated by Thurston Moore and Byron Coley at KS Art in TriBeca 2008, and the group exhibition 'Happy Vacation' at Thrust Projects. ..."
PAT PLACE - Interview by Tim Broun (December 2011)
Thrust Projects
YouTube: Cold Turkey, Live at Hurrah - 1-30-81, Too many creeps / In the night - Bush Tetras, Bush Tetras - Things That Go Boom In The Night, Das Ah Riot, James Chance and The Contortions - I Can't Stand Myself, James Chance and The Contortions - Contort Yourself, James Chance & The Contortions - Max's Kansas City (1978)

2009 December: James Chance, 2011 December: No New York, 2014 July: No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980, 2014 July: Bush Tetras, 2015 January: Buy - James Chance and the Contortions (1979), 2015 July: James White And The Blacks - Off White (1979)