Saturday, October 3

Laurent Kronental

Les Tours Aillaud, Cité Pablo Picasso, Nanterre, 2014.
"The colossal grands ensembles, or high-rise public housing projects, in Paris and its surrounding banlieues, or suburbs, were built after World War II to accommodate an increasing population of rural migrants and immigrants. Today, the deteriorating buildings are largely considered failed experiments — catalysts for the alienation of their populations and a slew of accompanying social issues. Some are being renovated and reimagined but more still are slated for demolition. In Laurent Kronental’s series, 'Souvenir d’un Futur' (Memory of a Future), the product of four years of visits to nearly a dozen of these places, the modernist concrete landscapes are made to seem impossibly huge and virtually abandoned, like something out of a dystopian fantasy. ..."
Washington Post: A poetic vision of Paris’s crumbling suburban high-rises
Laurent Kronental
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