Saturday, October 10

Gasoline - Snap Your Neck Back (2005)

"Abstract hip hop. That’s the realm of France’s Yoann Letard b.k.a. Gasoline. Drawn into hip hop in the late 80s with the hardcaroe groups of the day such as Public Enemy and LL Cool J, Gasoline actually became inspired by the British hardcore rap scene. He may have been more in line to be the French answer to the Bomb Squad if it had not been for a meeting with Alain, owner of Pamplemousse Productions, a label known to cater more to techno and house DJs. But Alain introduced abstract hip hop to Gasoline and he took off from there. Often comapred to Japan’s DJ Krush, Gasoline emphasizes atmospheric instrumentals and crazy turntable performances."
World Hip Hop Market
YouTube: Snap Your Neck Back [FULL ALBUM]

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