Friday, October 2

Disco Not Disco (2000)

"Is it disco? Well, not completely. Just look at the title -- it sounds confused. And the title was inspired by one of the groups featured here, and that group, Was (Not Was), was not disco. Most of these songs came from the post-punk era, and like the material by a lot of the bands that easily fit in that category, they blur the line between punk (in attitude) and dance (in rhythm). But only one or two of the artists here could honestly be classified as post-punk. Furthermore, how could anyone say with a straight face that a compilation with the Steve Miller Band's 17-minute long 'Macho City' is a post-punk one? So what is it then? It's Disco Not Disco, a compilation of songs suitable for the dancefloor. Less ambiguously, what binds these strange bedfellows together is the fact that they were popular on the dancefloors of New York City clubs in the late '70s and early '80s. ..."
W - Disco Not Disco, W - Disco Not Disco 2, W - Disco Not Disco 3
Disco Not Disco: Post Punk, Electro and Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986
YouTube: Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice (1981 Re-Edit), Was (Not Was) - Wheel Me Out, The Bank - Tinga Lin Tingo, Eddy Grant- Time Warp (12'' VERSION), Maximum Joy - Silent Street/Silent Dub