Saturday, September 19

Various Artists - Randy’s 17 North Parade (1987)

"Randy's, run by the Chin family out of a storefront at 17 North Parade in Kingston, was one of the great reggae studios of the 1970s. It produced more than its share of great rhythms, among them some of the seminal examples of Augustus Pablo's 'Far East' sound and early vocal performances by Dennis Brown and Junior Byles. ... It features excellent performances by the likes of Alton Ellis (a fine early version of 'Too Late'), Black Uhuru (the rough and lovely 'Going to Zion'), and a single by an obscure vocal trio called the African Brothers, which included a young Sugar Minott. Granted, it also features the forgettable vocals of one Senya (who sounds eerily like a female Hugh Mundell), but her tracks only serve to accentuate the quality of everything else. Recommended."
dailymotion: 00:00 Broadway - Guns In The Ghetto. 03:24 Alton Ellis - Too Late. 06:27 Senya - Roots Man. 09:41 The Gladiators - The Race. 12:55 Errol Dunkley - Created By The Father.
YouTube: Dennis Brown - Cheater, Black Uhuru - Going To Zion, Senya - Children Of The Ghetto, Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Soldier, Donovan carless - be thankful, Delroy "Crutches" Jones - My Guiding Star, The Heptones - Daddy's Home, Sweeny & the Wailers Band - Won't Come Easy + Easy Come Dub