Tuesday, September 1

Softer Targets - Jenny Holzer

Lustmord Table, 1994
"Hauser & Wirth Somerset is pleased to announce ‘Softer Targets’, a major solo exhibition by Jenny Holzer, featuring both new work and a selection of significant pieces drawn from over three decades of the artist’s career. The renowned American artist is best known for using language to make art, utilising a range of techniques to employ the power of words. Since 2004, Holzer has explored the use of text from declassified and other government documents. ... Crossing the threshold into the Pigsty gallery, the viewer is confronted with two wooden tables covered in carefully displayed human bones, some with inscribed silver bands. ‘Lustmord Table’ (1994) is a work conceived in response to conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, continuing Holzer’s themes of sex, war and death. The genesis of Holzer’s ‘Lustmord’ text series was an assignment for Munich newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Published in 1993 as colour photographs of handwritten text on skin, and a special white card printed in blood ink, it represented the artist’s reaction to the war and reports that rape was used tactically. ..."
Hauser & Wirth

2008 January: Jenny Holzer, 2011 June: Jenny Holzer Installation at the Guggenheim and Protect Protect