Wednesday, September 16

NUART 2015 Roundup : A Laboratory on the Street

Ella & Pitr. Nuart 2015. Stavanger, Norway.
"A roundup today for the Nuart street art/ mural festival in Norway with images of the final walls by this years artists. Now celebrating its 15th year, the mid-sized fjord-facing city of Stavanger has played host to a selection of international and local artists directly or indirectly related to the evolving scene we know as Street Art. Again this year the selection of invited participants is varied, potent, and occasionally a smack upside the head – with punk rock graphic designer Jamie Reid leading the way in spirit and on walls. Reid’s inspiration dates to the radical hippie politics and Situationist practices of the 1950s and 60s but he is best known for formation of the Sex Pistols anti-monarchial slash and burn visual identity and for penning their pivotal recording 'Anarchy in the UK' – a history discussed in Carlo McCormick’s presentation during the Nuart Plus program. ..."
Brooklyn Street Art