Sunday, September 20

Get Ready for Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse

The magnificent changing moon during a total eclipse.
"If your skies are clear after the Sun sets on Sunday, September 27th, be sure to head outside to see the total lunar eclipse that happens that night. This will mark the end of a 'tetrad' of four total lunar eclipses spaced a half year apart that began back in early 2014. But, perhaps more importantly, it's the last one visible anywhere until 2018. Observers in the eastern half of North America can watch every stage of the eclipse, from beginning to end of the partial phases (31⁄3 hours in all) during convenient hours of late twilight or darkness with the Moon mostly high in the sky. If you're in the Far West, the first partial stage of the eclipse is already in progress when the Moon rises (due east) around the time of sunset. Those in Europe and Africa see the eclipse on the local morning of the 28th. ..."
Sky and Telescope
NASA: LRO and the September 27-28, 2015 Lunar Eclipse: Telescopic View (Video)
September 27 / September 28, 2015 — Total Lunar Eclipse (Video)