Saturday, August 29

Young Marble Giants

Wikipedia - "Young Marble Giants are a post-punk band formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1978. Their music is constructed around the vocals of Alison Statton along with the minimalist instrumentation of brothers Philip and Stuart Moxham. Young Marble Giants were formed from the ashes of 'True Wheel' which also included friends Matthew Davis and Louise Porter (later signed to EMI) Stuart Moxham wrote the majority of the band's songs, and his writing was often deceptively simple-seeming, giving the YMG's classic work a fragile yet powerful quality. Their sound was characterised by Phil's prominent bass lines, Stuart's rhythm guitar (a mapleglo Rickenbacker 425) and Galanti electric organ lines and Statton's tentative vocals. Stuart Moxham's girlfriend Wendy Smith lent Stuart the money to buy the Rickenbacker. ..."
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