Tuesday, August 25

Walker Evans: A Life's Work

Interior View of Heliker/Lahotan House, Walpole, Maine, 1962
"Walker Evans (1903–1975) was one of the great per-sonalities of 20th century photography. He first came to public attention through his documentation of poverty in America at the time of the Great Depression that began at the 29th of October 1929 with the Black Friday and dominated the 1930s. Until today his reception is closely linked to the photographs he produced in the 1930s. The exhibition displays with well over 200 original prints from the years 1928 to 1974 both, the icons of his oeuvre, as well as rarely published photographs. His work played a decisive role for what is called the 'documentary style'. For decades, right up to the present, the prolific photographic oeuvre of Walker Evans has acquired an increasingly model character. With his sober documentary fashion he recorded a uniquely authentic picture of America, and like no other before him showed a particular feel for both the everyday and the subtle. ..."
Wall Street International

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