Monday, August 10

Top of the Lake (2013)

"In ‘Top of the Lake,' Jane Campion’s extraordinary new crime series, beginning tonight on the Sundance Channel, Holly Hunter plays GJ, a plainspoken spiritual guru, tending to a flock of lost middle-aged women — among them, a sex addict, a woman reeling from the loss of her beloved chimpanzee — with minimal spiritual mumbo jumbo, maximum hard truths. She wears her hair long and white, her shirts buttoned up to the collar, looking like an impatient Mexican gangster lost in the New Zealand bush (or as Emily Nussbaum points out in her review of the series, something like Jane Campion). I’m going to channel GJ’s particular harsh bluntness here, because 'Top of the Lake,' gorgeous and ambiguous and gripping like a hallucination, deserves it: Watch it. Do it now. Elisabeth Moss — who when 'Mad Men' begins in a few weeks, will have the distinction of being the best part of the two best shows currently on television — stars as Robin Griffin, a detective who specializes in sexual assault, with which she has too much personal experience. ..."
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