Tuesday, August 25

The Wounded Angel - Hugo Simberg (1903)

Wikipedia - "The Wounded Angel  (1903) is a painting by Finnish symbolist painter Hugo Simberg. It is one of the most recognizable of Simberg's works, and was voted Finland's 'national painting' in a vote held by the Ateneum art museum in 2006. Like other Simberg works, the atmosphere is melancholic: the angelic central figure with her bandaged eyes and bloodied wing, the sombre clothing of her two youthful bearers. The direct gaze of the right-hand figure touches the viewer. ... The same road still skirts Töölönlahti Bay today. In Hugo Simberg’s time, the park was a popular spot for leisure-time activities among the working classes. At the time, many charity institutions were located in Eläintarha park; in The Wounded Angel the healthy boys are carrying the injured girl towards the Blind Girls’ School and the Home for Cripples. She clutches a bunch of snowdrops, symbolic of healing and rebirth. ..."
W - Hugo Simberg